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With 35 years of fabrication experience in and around the area of Bridgend and Port Talbot, CAM Engineering is the ideal company to turn to when looking for metal fire escapes and external staircases for any sort of property. Ideal for landlords who have perhaps converted a building to one of multiple occupation which now requires a new staircase to comply with legal requirements, our design service means that it is possible to turn to just one place to plan, fabricate and install a compliant fire escape. Both spiral staircases – which are ideal for areas with limited available space – and straight stairways are available to choose from, depending on what is preferred for the site where the stairs will be installed. Either way, the products on offer are designed to be hard wearing and to be easy to maintain. This means that once they are fitted, little is required to keep them in good working order, despite the worst that the weather might throw at them, so that they are ready to be used just when they are needed.

Of course, external fire escapes have a higher function value, whichever building they happen to be installed in, such as a hotel, a council office block or a school. However, this does not mean that they cannot be attractive architectural elements in their own right. At CAM Engineering, pleasant wrought iron curved staircases can be manufactured, if wanted.

Steel circular staircase bright blue sky backdrop

A bespoke fabrication service is on offer for clients around Bridgend who want a stylish addition to their home, perhaps to connect a balcony or upper floor to the garden, as well as offering an emergency exit. All of our stairs are safe and reliable to use, but they can also be made to offer a great deal of elegance, if that is something the client in question demands.

Please note that CAM Engineering are happy to provide quotations. For clients who are unsure of what options they might have available to them, we are happy to run through all of the fire escape choices. Post-installation, we also have a well-deserved reputation for excellent after care, so customers can rest assured of a thoroughly professional job at all stages of the process.

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